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Self Defence/Self Protection Tip: "Your Most Powerful Weapon Is Your Mind. Always Have It With You."

  Mobile : +61407997348   Email : michael.harkess@yahoo.com




Michael Harkess - Instructor, Unique Solutions Street Self Protection Program: 

During his late teens and early 20's, Michael's martial arts knowledge and experience extended to Boxing, Jiu-Jitsu and Karate. Later in life, he developed an intense interest in the many different styles of Kung Fu, both external and internal.

In 1992, Michael graduated as an Instructor, in the style Ging Mo Kune, at the Malcolm Sue Kung Fu School (MSKFS). In the same year, he was also inducted into the Yup Sut Da Gee and became a member of the school's elders with the title Say Si-Hing.  

Michael Harkess, Senior Instructor, MSKFS, 1993


Whilst employed as a part time instructor at the MSKFS, Michael also attended classes in Chen Style Tai Chi and developed an interest in Nine Dragon Baguazhang, both of which are internal styles of Kung Fu.

Twelve months later he graduated as a Senior Instructor and commenced work on the design and development of the Unique Solutions' Street Self Protection Program.

It is now 28 years since Michael commenced work on the design and development of his program. During that 28 years he has researched numerous combatives, personal protection, self defence and martial arts disciplines.


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The disciplines researched include Aikido, Aikijujutsu, Arnis/Escrima/Kali, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Combatives, Guided Chaos, Jun Fan Kickboxing/Jeet Kune Do, Krav Maga, Muay Thai, Silat, Target Focus Training and Wing Chun/Wing TsunThe research continues.....

Michael's passion for teaching martial arts and self protection classes is complemented with over 20 years of work experience in education, training and staff development.


Michael Harkess, Instructor, Unique Solutions' Street Self Protection Program, 2005


In addition to teaching classes in Ging Mo Kune at the Malcolm Sue Kung Fu School, he has also conducted self protection classes for security personnel in WA and passive self defence classes for carers of people with intellectual disability.  

Michael has now retired from full time work, but he remains committed to continuing his research and the training and development of participants attending the Unique Solutions' Street Self Protection Program. 



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