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The Unique Solutions' Street Self Protection Program is a unique personal approach to street self protection training. The design of the program is based on the theories, principles, training strategies & techniques of over 25 different combatives, personal protection, self defence and martial arts disciplines.


Enrol Now in Unique Solutions' Street Self Protection Program and Unleash the Power of the Dragon


The program includes a blend of practical techniques within the following 4 areas of combat...Kicking, Punching, Trapping and Grappling. In addition to the presentation of self protection principles and the development of techniques, sessions also include:

  • Combat Conditioning Drills &  Exercises
  • Energy & Sensitivity Drills
  • Self Defence Tactics
  • Gloves, Pads & Heavy Bag Drills
  • Defense Against Weapon Attacks
  • Empty Hands Vs Empty Hands Sparring
  • Empty Hands Vs Weapon Sparring
  • Weapon Vs Weapon Sparring

Contact Michael on....+61407997348....to book a FREE demonstration session.


A participant uses Muay Thai pads to develop physical and mental attributes


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