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Martial Arts Kicks On The Street

By Tony James Mills

When it comes to self defence, some may have misconceptions regarding the validity of martial arts kicks on the street. In past decades, great emphasis was placed on kicking in martial arts training. Kicks were taught mainly because expectations in the martial arts classes where derived from the movies. Classic films were loaded with jumping, spinning, high kicks and students expected to see something similar to that. The problem with many cinematic and sport oriented kicks is that they are neither practical nor effective.

Does this mean that martial arts kicks are ineffective for the street? No, kicking is a very excellent strategy. The key is to make modifications in order to make the kicks more effective. Are these modifications difficult to employ? Not at all! Here are a few that can be easily made:  Keep all the kicks low. The higher the kick, the less likely the kick will be effective. High kicks are easy to evade and leave you very much at risk for being knocked to the ground.  Kicks need to target vital points on the body. Specifically, the groin, knees, shins, and insteps are the advisable targets. The groin kick can be a finisher and the other targets can prove so disruptive that follow up attacks are made much easier.

Kicking the legs at an angle can completely knock an attacker off his base. When an attacker's base is disrupted, the attacker is vulnerable for a follow up strike or throw and there is also the potential to run away.  When you can, use the shoe. Savate is a perfect art to look at for this type of attack. The point of the shoe can truly prove devastating when it hits the nerve points, the organs, or the aforementioned vital targets.  So, do not dismiss the effectiveness of martial arts kicks on the street. You simply need to employ the proper approach to the kicks and their effectiveness will be revealed.

Tony Mills is the Chief Editor of online Content for The MMA Zone. Tony is an expert in the field of martial arts training and conditioning. To see more article and information on MMA Gear and Martial Arts Supplies please go to The MMA Zone.

Article Source: https://EzineArticles.com/expert/Tony_James_Mills/489969


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